Why Amazing Face Spa is the Best Facial in Phoenix

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July 27, 2022
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There are hundreds of places to receive spa treatments in Phoenix. Having been an Arizona resident for the past 17 years I am well aware of the number of luxury resorts and modern med spas and even beauty malls that exist around the valley. So calling Amazing Face Spa “the best” might seem a bit biased because afterall I am the owner, but I’m going to do it anyway, why? Because I truly believe that we offer something special you just can’t find at most other spas around town. 

A bit about us:

We are professional licensed and practicing estheticians in the state of Arizona with combined experience of 25 years. Nella and I have similar skill sets and experience in esthetics. Nella actually came from a cosmetologist background and then went into medical assisting until she found her true passion in skincare. I have a background in marketing and business operations/management; having worked for corporate companies including a large skincare company. I love utilizing both my business degree and esthetics license together. We became colleagues early in our careers working part-time at a beauty retailer. We became fast friends dreaming even back then about opening a place of our own. We opened Amazing Face Spa in the Uptown Phoenix area at the start of 2020. Unbeknownst that the world would be facing an unprecedented health crisis leading to many small businesses being unable to survive, we endured and stayed the course of our plan. We are happy to say that Amazing Face Spa has come from a place of history and passion and today our goal is to provide satisfactory skincare treatments.

5 Reason We Are The Best!

  1. We are privately owned. And so are many other spa practices in Phoenix. However, we offer an entire center to receive simultaneous facials – that means bring a friend! We’ve hosted private parties for clients as well as our own special event parties. We also have a seperate private room for waxing. We feel facial spaces should be separate from waxing spaces. Opposed to a small 8×8 room with shared walls of other businesses in a loud beauty mall where all your services are done in the same room. Being privately owned also means we get to make the rules; no cookie cutter treatments, no rotating staff, no basic impersonal treatments and no sales pressure.
  2. No two treatments will ever be the same. We are completely customizable and that’s because we know skin. We will not just follow a protocol because it calls for it (even if a particular ingredient isn’t appropriate for your skin). Yes, sadly many places practice this method because of corporate policies, bottom line and inexperienced staff. We track your skin’s progress and treat it for the current condition every time. We offer many custom options to our facials, if massage is your favorite, let us know. If you love getting extractions done, let us know. We are big on communication and want to know your favorite things about getting facials. We provide a friendly, comfortable and clean environment whether or not it’s a first time facial.
  3. We measure results! If only getting a pampering facial from time to time is your thing, that’s great! However, we love helping our clients to achieve goals. Maybe that is age management or acne correction, we methodically create treatment plans and keep track of progress. We enjoy teaching our clients the benefits of in-clinic and at-home routines. We make it easy to understand without creating an overwhelming plan. We then check in with you and keep you accountable. We offer programs, packages and many specials and discounts to make this journey fun and affordable. Yes we are running a business but more important to us is the relationship we like to build with our clients. 

So how much does a facial cost with us? Starting at just $100 for an hour treatment. See our entire menu and prices here!  Another question that often arises is…Which kind of facial should I get? Again, starting with an hour of bespoke facial is the best way to start. It allows us an understanding of “getting to know your skin”, meaning how will your skin react, what condition is your skin currently going through, what’s your skin type and so much more. Our in-person consultations are always free! We offer virtual consultations for out of area guests or anyone just wanting to chat about their skin.

4. We are credible. We are licensed in the state of Arizona to practice esthetics. We also have credentials in permanent makeup, laser, microneedling, dermaplaning and chemical peels. We don’t just claim to be experts like many “influencers” on YouTube or social media. We have done the homework and have had real world experience working on real clients. Something to remember in the industry of esthetics is that it is a practice; much like medicine for example. Professional skin therapists who are credible will do their due diligence in research and make recommendations based on certain criteria but many conditions are corrected through trial and error; everyone’s skin is different and everyone has the potential to respond differently. Therefore, we like to under-promise and over-deliver. See our client testimonials on Google and our website for further proof. 

5. We practice continuing education. We applaud any esthetic professional in the field who does the same. We are adamant about continuing education in our field and thrive on keeping up with industry topics. Our schedule is consistently filled with webinars, online classes, networking events and even seminars to stay in the forefront of competitive brands, ingredients and techniques. We have chosen to offer treatments that we feel will help clients reach their goals in a more natural and affordable approach. While we always encourage an effective homecare routine with appropriate, professional products for optimal results, we will never pressure you into product purchases/sales. Now we many not carry every device or machine available but we feel we carry those that are again affordable and results-driven.

Our sister company National Hair Centers located just downstairs offers full hair restoration services as well. If you are experiencing any sort of hair loss or scalp condition such as severe dandriff or itching, we highly recommend a trichology consultation to better understand your condition and find a solution. Oh yea, we do “scacials” too! This is a therpeutic treatment for the health of the scalp. Not only does a scalp treatment create a healthy environment for the skin on our heads, it feels amazing! As both business owners and estheticians we are so proud of our Phoenix spa – come see for yourself and visit us for your next facial, wax or lash service.