March 23, 2022: Spring Skincare Specials

Product confusion is a real to know what products to use, when or even how often can be overwhelming.

Find out more on how to simplify a routine on our blog: How To Create a Skincare Routine, What To Use & When.

Just a few more days until this special comes to an end...we've left over $600 in our clients pockets this month so far!

Schedule both treatments at time of booking on or before March 31 to save 20%. Combo's cannot be split or shared.

Announcing our April Fit & Firm Facial - this rapid results treatment refines pores, heals acne, tightens, firms and lifts sagging skinl. Packed with protein rich ingredients, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and vitamin c to brighten.
This $200 treatment will be on special only in April for $175.

90 minutes
super protein face lift masque
invigorating scalp massage
enhanced hand treatment

Hello! We are the girls of Amazing Face Spa. Friends and respected colleagues for over 10 years. We were tired of the cookie-cutter corporate world of skincare so we decided to collaborate and create an environment for total customization. Please come see us for your corrective and prevention skincare, total body waxing, beautiful brows and lovely lashes. We are so grateful for your support and loyalty.