Skin Treatments with Angela

firm skin from anti aging collagen and skincare treatments
The Truth About Collagen & Skincare
August 24, 2023

I’m Angela…I’m originally from New York, raised in Pennsylvania and have been a desert transplant for the past 18 years. I live in North Phoenix with my husband of 17 years and our 2 amazing children. We enjoy traveling, baseball, art and staying active.

I began studying skincare in 2010 with great interest. Since then I have found a passion in skin health and the need to educate people on it. I learned that the body as an holistic approach to the skin plays a direct role in how our skin behaves. Therefore, I earned a holistic nutrition certification to better treat my clients. From the moment I see your name appear on my schedule I am dedicated to your skin and a curated treatment plan unique to you. I use my magical powers to determine what your skin needs are…just kidding, I only use magic with my kids. Seriously though, I do make my best educated “guess” based on what you tell me through your consultation form and notes. I know for many this appointment might be your first time receiving a facial, or that a special someone is treating you to a pamper day or maybe you’re preparing for a special occasion such as your wedding day. Whatever the reason is, I am beyond grateful that you choose me to care for your skin. I have been a licensed practicing aesthetician for 13 years with a focus on education. I learned early on that it takes courage, even vulnerability to ask for advice in an intimate area of our personal bodies; our skin. I never took that for granted and that is why I take every facial, pampering or corrective treatment super seriously. 

Upon meeting my clients, new or existing, I always want to dig a little deeper into your concerns. What do you love about your skin? What do you dislike or want to improve? What is your lifestyle and what types of products are you currently using? I ask this not to be nosey or try to sell you products; it all plays a role in how our skin behaves. There is an overwhelming amount of retail skincare  products available to consumers today. Even I cannot keep up with the many brands, so I never discredit a product I’m not familiar with. I want to research its ingredients and formulations for you because, well..that’s what I do. I have a pretty great deal of knowledge and understanding in ingredients and how they should work synergistically. While I am not a scientist (although that would be awesome) I have studied countless professional skincare brands, participated in so so many educational classes, conferences and industry seminars. 

My number one goal during a facial treatment is to earn your trust, and number two; make you feel comfortable. Again, this is an intimate situation, I’m hovering behind you applying all kinds of products while touching you. A little weird at first perhaps? Let me reassure you that I want your experience to exceed your expectations while also meeting your goals. So we sit down for a small chat and this is where I am 90% certain of what we’ll focus on during your treatment. The last 10% of my decision comes once I begin cleansing and analyzing your skin by sight and touch. I do not give cookie-cutter facials. You’ll probably never have the same exact facial by me done twice. Our skin changes, like a lot. Believe it or not, there are many factors that play a role in our skin behavior including environment, diet, lifestyle choices, hormones, and the biggest of all: stress. 

Skincare in a journey, it’s also a practice. I want to provide you with a homecare plan that I hope will make improvements in your skin for which you are seeking. I ask that you be open-minded and realistic about those improvements. Our skin is not meant to be flawless and perfect and when it comes to healing acne or brightening discoloration, those things take time. Yes, after a facial I promise you will feel relaxed and refreshed, your skin will appear brighter and cleaner. That is the instant gratification part of a facial, but we can never be one and done. Skincare is like brushing your teething routinely and facials are like seeing the dentist – more or less as needed. When things don’t seem to be working, we’ll adjust products and routines. I do my best to provide you with an easy to follow routine and I am always available for questions. 

I look forward to seeing you for your next skin treatment. I am currently booking clients at Amazing Face Spa.