Learn to Love Your Skin and Gain Self-Confidence this Valentine’s Day & Beyond

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Embrace the parts of you that you like

For as long as I’ve been practicing skincare I’m always confronted with clients asking what I see on their face that needs improvement. Sure, a huge part of my job is to identify skin types or conditions but I can’t help but feel that question is loaded with insecurities. The last thing I want to do is point out wrinkles, breakouts, broken capillaries, dehydration, etc..see how that all sounds so disparaging.  So because of that I’ve learned to look at people’s skin as all unique, all different and all beautiful. Since I’ve had the opportunity to work with many walks of life and color tones and ages I’ve been able to open my eyes to pointing out natural perfections we sometimes fail to see in ourselves. We can certainly smooth out fine lines around the eyes or lips but to me they signify the amount of laughter one has experienced. Don’t get me wrong I still believe using an eye product is essential but only when that is a primary concern for a client will I suggest it. When you look in the mirror it’s important to love what you see. And maybe for some that can be very difficult, especially if you are struggling with acne for example. 

How to see the bigger picture

So when I am faced with that familiar question I turn it around  and point out skin positivity. “You have amazing texture”, or “I love your brow shape”, or “your skin feels nicely hydrated”. It’s not pleasant to hear a bunch of things that should be “fixed” on your face. I promise you when I say: everyone has pores, blackheads, hair and even breakouts! Healthy skin doesn’t necessarily mean porcelain, flawless and filtered-looking skin. That’s just unreal. In Fact healthy skin does have sebum, freckles or dark undereye circles or uneven skin tone. 

Instead I ask, “if you can change just one thing about your skin, what is that”? You will be able to achieve results much sooner by focusing on one skin concern at a time. And so begins the journey. Self-confidence is so relevant in skin positivity. In today’s social media driven world it’s easy to become distracted and lose self-esteem. Celebrity sponsored skincare can lead to this as well  (in my opinion) because it fosters the idea of having air-brushed skin like Rhianna. Don’t get me wrong I love Riri but I won’t be trying her skincare line.

Track your skincare journey

Treating a skin condition (like acne) is a corrective treatment plan and that will take time. A preventative treatment plan is one that may not show drastic results right away but will have lasting effects.  For example, if you always wear SPF every.day. then you’ll likely have smoother and brighter and little DNA damage from extrinsic factors like the sun and environmental pollutants.  Both plans require patience and consistency. To me, having a routine with products I trust is fun and makes your journey more achievable. I have met many clients who after hearing what their current product regimen is they admit to be inconsistent thus they blame it on the products. That could be partially true or it could also be not enough constant use. I’m  hoping you are catching onto a theme here. Skincare is a practice that requires adjusting formulas and routines. I recommend taking self-photos before starting a new product or treatment plan. Perhaps you’re trying a new vitamin C, by the time you finish the bottle you might notice some effects but if you had a photo to make a comparison you might be surprised to see substantial, positive results. Either way this doesn’t mean the end of the vitamin C road for you…oh no siree. Vitamin C is a prime example of an ingredient that should forever live in your skincare routine. The adjustment may be higher or lower percentage, a different form, a different brand but know this…just because you finished the bottle, you didn’t finish the practice. Over time you will notice a difference in your skin for the better and you will be love it!

Real client stories

Think of this as a biography of clients pertaining to their skincare journey’s. I am simply sharing a few instances of clients so that you can fully understand what different people go through and how you can proactively begin to love your skin.

Katie is a typical shy teenager, and when I do treat teens as I often do, I try to make her feel comfortable and assure her there is never any judgment in my treatment room. When she begins to see me for her acne concerns she is getting ready to start high school in only a week so her mom books her a teen facial. For teens (and maybe some adults) acne is a nightmare and also very frustrating. I often hear about clients describing their ance as a very severe condition and then  what I actually see are completely different. But i get it, breakouts are unsightly and teens are vulnerable and we all want instant gratification for that pimple to go away!

So at our first treatment we had a successful facial and I explained to both Katie and her mom the products necessary to use and the diligence to be practiced at home. I need to see ance clients every 2 weeks initially. Why? Because acne can be stubborn and in-clinic treatments with professional grade ingredients are essential for speeding up recovery.  I saw Katie a second time 2 weeks later and that’s it. I attempted to contact her mom but without any response. Therefore I can only assume 1 of 2 things: 

1. This is an investment she can’t commit to either due to cost or time. 

2. She wants instant gratification she thinks she will find elsewhere but I assure you she will fall short there too without consistency and patience.

Now let me introduce David, a male in his 60’s and still very active. Plays golf and works out. He has atrophic scarring which has a pitted appearance on the skin due to acne as a teenager or young adult. Now because this scarring is deep and has been cemented like this for a long time I explained that while not impossible to improve it will be gradual with several treatments. This journey will require consistent treatments and a change in homecare. He had not previously been using any SPF for his outdoor activities. We completed 6 series of microneedling to target fibroblast which in turn showed a huge improvement in his scarring. We photographed his skin with every visit and can obviously see the changes. He could definitely continue microneedling treatments but we are going to move into a series of chemical peels to further help with age management. He now uses a proper cleanser, SPF, moisturizer and exfoliant. He likes to keep things simple like most men do but is open to my suggestions. He has expressed his satisfaction with his improved skin appearance and feels better about himself. Because he understood the benefits and time required I believe David found a new love in himself. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022 – I hope you find love for yourself as well as the opportunity to share and receive it. If you live in the Phoenix area and want some coaching from me Amazing Face Spa – simply click here to set up a consultation and get started on your skincare journey.

article post written by Angela Miles on behalf of Amazing Face Spa

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