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August 18, 2022
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October 19, 2022

How much time is efficient to spend on your skincare routine? That can vary based on preference and need. But ideally taking upwards of 30 minutes or more a day is not unrealistic for achieving results. As a practicing skin therapist for over 10 years I have consulted many clients with varying needs and wants and many spend minimal time or even give up on their skin and therefore still desire skin changes. We know that everyone’s skin (and body)  is different therefore each routine is unique. Think about the time needed for workouts, home or at the gym. Specialists say a minimum of 6 hours a week is required. So if you workout for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week that is only 2.5 hours. Doesn’t going to the gym 5 days a week sounds sufficient enough? It’s the quality of time that counts. Are you weight lifting, are you getting in cardio, are you stretching, etc…To see results you need to put in the time, same goes for your skincare.

Fall season is upon us, my favorite season not only for outdoor activities with my family but the heavy hitting skin treatments to treat skin post summer fun. We in the business call it “peel season” and for good reason. The sun isn’t as strong therefore peels can be managed easier during post care treatment. Pumpkin facials are everything during the fall season – pumpkin is so beneficial for our skin because it’s packed with vitamin a and c, it exfoliates dead skin, it brightens dull skin, reduces oil and shine and is so nourishing. But we can’t just dive in head first, we have to condition the skin, in other words, prepare for deeper exfoliation.

Prepare before treatment and change for the season: 

Like any big event you always prepare ahead, plan and set expectations (at least you should). Same goes for your skin or before receiving a deeper treatment or chemical peel. First let me say that chemical peels are not scary, period. Skin therapists do not want to scare clients away from receiving such beneficial treatments as chemical peels so I agree we should have named them something else, like “resurfacing treatments”, or “glow facials”. I get it, the idea of applying an acid chemical on your skin and then it peeling off sounds horrible. But not all chemical peels are alike. Some are definitely more aggressive than others and everyone certainly responds differently, but you should always be slowly introduced to chemical peels. At our practice we never offer a chemical peel to a first time client. Sure, we have been asked to do so, but because we care for the integrity of your skin, we have to know what your skin history looks like, what products are you currently using, what’s your lifestyle? That is important because if you are planning on jumping on your Peloton later and then meeting up with the gang for happy hour, that’s a recipe for disaster post chemical peel. Your skin therapist should recommend the use of pigment inhibiting ingredients and some light exfoliation at least 4 weeks prior to a chemical peel. Only then should they offer a very superficial peel as your first treatment, maybe you stay there or maybe you can tolerate superficial or medium depth thereafter. Typically anything stronger than that requires medical direction. The goal isn’t necessarily to go the strongest and deepest. I have had clients tell me they have resilient skin and they can tolerate the maximum layers and the highest percentage. One such client was a fitzpatrick 5 (black skin tone or deeply pigmented) and never had a chemical peel before. This may not sound like a concern but it’s actually a huge red flag to avoid serious damage to someones skin. Not all skin colors can receive the same acids, so she didnt even understand her own skin! Please Reader, always see someone credible. 

How to know if a chemical peel is right for you?

Are you concerned with aging? Do you have acne or acne scarring? Do you have wrinkles? Do you have sun damage, what we call discoloration or pigmentation? Do you have lackluster skin? Do you have sagging skin? Do you have congested, oily skin? Do you have dry or dehydrated skin? These all warrant a reason to receive a chemical peel. Don’t worry about which chemical peel, that’s what we skin therapists are for. We don’t expect any client to ask for a 2 layer 6% TCA and 30% lactic acid peel finished with a 10% retinoid boost.

How to prepare for seasonal facials?

As we shift into a change of weather our bodies acclimate and we dress differently, we eat differently and therefore we treat our skin differently too. It’s important to re-examine your current regimen and change products. If you are not sure what to swap out, go see a professional skin therapist. For many of my clients, I recommend a brightening serum to help start breaking up any summer pigment that may have appeared, it also serves as an excellent daily post treatment product. Perhaps a heavier moisturizer packed with ceramides and lipids. We will also focus on keeping the skin hydrated, especially if we plan on receiving deeper exfoliation, hydration is key to protecting the skin’s barrier. And always continuing to use SPF everyday.

So now we understand that exercising for the skin means preparing the skin to adjust to active exfoliating ingredients including alpha hydroxy acids such as pumpkin, beta hydroxy acids and retinol. Other preparations may include:

  • Discontinuing the use of skin-thinning topical and prescriptions 1-2 weeks before a peel
  • Avoid physical exfoliation (scrubs) 1-2 weeks beforehand
  • Avoid hair removal services beforehand, no brow waxing
  • Avoid sun exposure, sunburns, windburns and tanning beds
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate inside and out!

Now let’s stretch

You do stretch up to 40 minutes or more after a heavy lifting workout, right!? Same idea goes for after receiving a heavier skin exfoliation. You must continue to condition and nourish the skin for optimal results. We always send our clients away with information on how to care for their skin after a facial, chemical peels can be intensive skin treatments so following these tips for several days will ensure healthy healing and beautiful results:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Hydrate topically
  • Apply SPF daily
  • Use a gentle cleanser, no active ingredients
  • Absolutely no sun exposure
  • Avoid any physical exercise that will result in sweating or overheating your body
  • No physical exfoliation (scrubs)
  • No picking at skin

Six peels a year is a wonderful treatment plan and a series of three consecutive treatments is excellent for achieving results. At Amazing Face Spa we are excited to offer our Fall Pumpkin & Spice Facial that includes an alpha hydroxy pumpkin enzyme, 11% lactic acid and natural sugar cane to resurface, refine pores and provide antioxidant protection. This seasonal facial also includes LED light therapy for cellular strengthening and ends with a nourishing nutmeg and cinnamon mask packed with antibacterial properties to soothe inflammation. Schedule this limited facial in October and November. Amazing Face Spa offers gift cards. 

article post written by Angela Miles. copyright Angela Miles – All Rights Reserved