3 Easy Ways to Budget for Skincare in 2022

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January 11, 2022
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February 14, 2022

If you are committing to a healthier you in 2022 and that includes your caring for your skin – I am so happy for you! Afterall, another year means another year older and our skin will show it. But where to begin may be all too overwhelming. Here are 3 easy tips to get started and most importantly stay consistent all year long. The main goal here is to create a habit you can easily adapt to as part of a lifestyle change. Now that you have made the decision to begin a regimen the very next step is making an appointment with a professional skin therapist. Find a practice – whether that’s from a referral or on Google, Yelp…most legitimate practices should be visible online with a website. Does the practice seem to fit your style, do you understand what is being offered, are the prices something you can budget? If the practice offers a consultation this is an excellent way to start. 

Typically a 60-minute signature facial can range from as low as $65 and as high as $150. Investing in yourself and your skin will be so rewarding. Understandably, it is another expense but without spending all of your extra savings on skincare follow these easy tips:

1. Dispose of existing products.

That’s right, organize and clean out your bathroom cabinets or vanity drawers. Line up what you’ve got and take pictures so that a good therapist can assess what you’ve been using. This will give them a good idea of what your price range is as well. Check for expiration dates – if products are expired, toss them. For example: products containing SPF will always have an expiration date. Likewise, if a product is not expired but you also haven’t used it in more than 2 months, toss it. Just because you have a vitamin C serum doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you – this is where taking a picture of the bottle will allow an expert to assess the ingredient deck and know for sure. Letting go of unused items and freeing space always feels good anway.

2. Do not impulse shop.

Take the advice of the therapist and only purchase what they have recommended. You can always get a second opinion but the point here is that a good therapist will guide you in the right direction in what products to use for your skincare goals. Many professional brands only sell to licensed practices and many of those same brands could be online illegally. The private skincare practice may even be able to offer special discounts. Products being recommended from a professional practice are typically of excellent quality with higher-grade ingredients and formulas. Don’t spend any extra money on products that were not recommended to you. And don’t consider buying those recommendations elsewhere such as on Amazon; this hurts the small business. I know it sounds easier said then done but do not get tempted by the impulse aisle at Sephora. Don’t order a promotional product from an ad on Instagram. If you are truly interested in something – take that information to your skin therapist and ask their advice first. Remember what Khloe Kardashian uses may not always be right for you and now you’ve just spend unnecessary money. With an overwhelming amount of products and brands on the market it’s easy to feel confused on what is worth purchasing. Remember, we are trying to stay on a budget. You’ll be replenishing products every few months and when it comes to chages in our skin (spoiler alert) most results will be gradual. Hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Lastly, communicate with your therapist what an ideal regimen might look like for you. Are you willing to do 5-6 steps morning and night? Or do you prefer something quicker and simpler? When I see clients I always lay out a couple of different options for budget and for simplicity. The last thing I want to do is overwhelm a client or send them home with buyers remorse.

3. Pre-book and sign up for emails.

Pre-book your future appointments and signing up for emails keeps you consistent! Depending on your specific skin condition is how often you’ll need to schedule your professional in-clinic treatments. Acne conditions may require more visits than preventative treatments. A good practice will sometimes offer re-booking incentives to help with saving money.  Even better ask if the practice offers packages or a memberships. Treatments are typically bundled to not only save you money but keep you accountable as well. It might cost a bit more upfront but the breakdown is always a savings. Be sure to sign up for the spa’s email list – there could be coupons or special promotions you won’t want to miss; such as a discounts or freebies on your birthday month, a referral incentive or a seasonal facial special.

Good luck on your new skincare journey – remember to take photos as results are gradually noticeable. As a practicing skin therapist I never like to over-promise but I do promise this…if you are consistent and committed, overtime you WILL see results! Still unsure if you need skincare goals…check out my article on How to Recognize the Signs of Aging and Get Serious About Your Skin in 2022!

article post written by Angela Miles. On behalf of Amazing Face Spa

copyright Angela Miles – All Rights Reserved