22 Things You Should Have Done For Your Skin in 2022

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  1. Met with a professional esthetician for a consultation – You wouldn’t self-diagnose yourself when sick, or maybe some of us do, but professionals are here to give accurate and clinically-proven advice in their areas of practice. So seeing a professionally licensed skin therapist is so helpful in treating your skin. Whether that’s simply getting advice on what products/ingredients to use, understanding your skin type/condition or getting set up with regular services; we are here to guide you because we care about your skin health.
  2. Have a better understanding of your specific skin – As mentioned above, a skin therapist will be able to help you understand what is going on with your skin. The truth is skin conditions can change but generally your skin type stays consistent and can be managed. Stop self-prescribing your own products and talk to a professional for skincare 101. 
  3. Simplify or adjust your skincare routine – Oftentimes I see clients who are just over doing it with products. As humans we want instant gratification, we want that breakout gone now, we want to erase those fine lines now. These can be achieved with patience and consistency as well as the idea of less is more.
  4. Trash old or unused skincare products – How many products do you have that sit unused? Honestly, as consumers we tend to over purchase skincare because of impulse shopping tactics and the checkout lines in Ulta and Sephora are sooo tempting, I know! Keeping it simple and not over-purchasing will not only keep you within budget but also save your skin.
  5. Wore SPF every single day and reapplied while spending extended time outside – While this seems like a no brainer, I am constantly reminding people the importance of daily SPF. I have met so many clients that don’t wear it all, only at the pool or just sometimes. People…SPF not only protects against the risk of skin cancer, but also helps slow down aging!
  6. Created a skincare category in your budget – Early in 2022 I talked about the many ways you can save on skincare – if you missed it, check it out here. But understand this…wanting to achieve healthy, radiant skin requires investment. So yes, plan to spend a budgeted amount of money on this very important part of your health.
  7. Met with an esthetician for at least 1 facial – If you met an esthetician for a consultation, you’ve likely had at least 1 facial, but remember facials are not 1 and done. So hopefully you’ve been seeing your new esthetician this year on a regular basis.
  8. Changed your skincare routine for each season – Just like you slightly change your wardrobe, your diet for each season, your skincare products should slightly be adjusted as well. Weather changes affect our skin and certain ingredients and practices help to avoid skin conditions that then need to be corrected.
  9. Had a series of chemical peels – These treatments are the ultimate gaming changing card in skincare – a series of 3 – 6 are ideal each year. So hopefully you’ve been introduced to some superficial peels.
  10. Washed your face every night before bed! Ohh this is harder than you think but very important. Allowing your skin to repair while you sleep is important for healing, proper cell function and age-management. If you don’t’ cleanse before bed, or what i liek to call “remove the day”, your skin continues to absorb what’s been accumulated: pollution, dust, free radicals and this is an environment where your cell’s have to work harder to try to stay healthy and then they become tired and overworked and your skin then appears tired, dull and dehydrated and pretty much bad. So wash and moisturize at night!
  11. Added more hydration to your skin! This doesn’t necessarily mean drinking more water (while also important) our skin needs hydration topically due a process called trans epidermal water loss. Oftentimes I see clients that over-exfoliate leaving the skin barrier compromised and they are left wondering why the breakouts are still there because they are using alpha hydroxy acids. But the more you exfoliate the more hydrations your skin needs so its a fine line.If you live in Arizona, like us, then you know how important it is to stay out of direct sunlight and increase hydration. Hopefully you added a hyaluronic acid or beta glucan serum to your routine. Or maybe a hydrating toner, there are many options to increase hydration topically.
  12. Did NOT shop for your skincare on Amazon or self-prescribe your products – This two part statement goes hand and hand because shopping blindly on amazon for nyur skincare products is a recipe for disaster and you’re wasting your money. You could be supporting a small business like Amazing Face Spa or the other hundreds of small skincare practices that aim only to exist for helping people with their skin, but we also carry professional and clinical skincare products that often can’t be found on Amazon. Also, when shopping on Amazon you tend to search by buzzwords, not really knowing if the marketing claims are true. You can’t feel it, smell it or experience it like you can at your estheticians office. If you are shopping for vitamin c are you going to purchase the first thing you see at the cheapest price? Did you know there are several forms of vitamin c and that cheap bottle probably does not contain an adequate amount or even the best form for your skin.  So in the end, always ask your esthetician for recommendations for products.
  13. Ice your skin – This is such a benefit for the skin and you don’t need fancy ice globes to get the job done. Icing the skin reduces swelling or inflammation on present breakouts, rashes or insect  bites, reduces signs of aging and wrinkles, easing acne, soothes sunburn, eliminates puffiness especially around the eye areas. Simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and use the on/off method for a few minutes on a regular basis.
  14. Started using an eye product – The earliest signs of aging are seen around the eyes. The use of eye serums will definitely help smooth out the delicate tissue around your eye area. Some are designed to reduce puffiness, brighten, and exfoliate. Always ask your esthetician which one is best for your concern. But using one rather than not, iis always going to give you benefits. In addition to using an eye serum I also use microcurrent to further lift and smooth the area.
  15. Talked to your esthetician about microneedling – This is a step into more advanced treatments and well worth it too! You should have at least had the conversation about what this treatment entails and how it could benefit your skin. This treatment is quickly gainihng popularity and for good reason. Not very expensive and a great option to alternate with chemical peels.
  16. Purchased a gua sha stone – These little tools are used to relieve tension, sculpt skin and increase circulation. It’s like giving yourself a mini face massage and when used regularly can certainly show improvement to your skin health. Added with an appropriate facial oil this method of sculpting is inexpensive, natural and feels great!
  17. Started using Vitamin C – One of my favorite skincare ingredients is vitamin c. It is essential for healthy cell function, meaning we cannot live without it, literally! Our body needs vitamin c and when we add a quality vitamin c serum into our skin it can help brighten, smooth and add glow to our skin. I love vitamin c but it is very important that you find a quality one. Talk to your esthetician.
  18. Started using Retinol – Another one of my favorite ingredients and like vitamin c, all retinol is not created equally. Again there are many forms and finding the right one for you and a good quality is important. Talk to your esthetician because starting a retinol regimen also requires a plan.
  19. Had a back facial – Hopefully you didn’t forget about the skin on your body. Getting a back facial a few times a year is not only relaxing but important for that hard to reach area. Many people experience body acne and these facials will definitely help manage body acne.
  20. Washed your skin after every gym sweat session – Sweat and dehydration arre two major culprits in causing breakout – washing your skin and body after the gym will clean away dirt and debris and rehydrate your skin – don’t just use cleansing wipes!
  21. Treat your lips – Lips are another body part that can show signs of aging – are lips are delicate and can biome easily compromised. Lips can show signs of aging around the vermilion border but are also susceptible to sun spots, skin cancer and dehydration. So take care of your lips with gentle exfoliation, an occlusive lip protection and daily lip spf.
  22. Complimented your skin often – I hope that you accomplished most of these items in 2022 but the most important one is this! Don’t be so hard on yourself – find beauty within yourself. Looking in the mirror and giving yourself a daily affirmation or complement boosts self-esteem and that is always the best look!

Now onto 2023 where we get to hit the reset button and do it all over again. It’s never too late to make a change. If improving your skincare has been on your mind, then make 2023 the year for change. If you live in Phoenix, AZ and looking for a skin therapist to support and guide you along your journey, please reach out at 480-359-6079.

article post written by Angela Miles. copyright Angela Miles – All Rights Reserved