2022 Skincare Goals and 5 Tips to Accomplish Them

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August 16, 2022
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If you need a reminder that we are more than halfway through the year already – here it is! It’s now September; just 4 months of the year left! Whaaat!?? How are you doing on your goals? Well since September is National Self-Improvement month I thought this was an appropriate time to check in on those 2022 goals. You know, those eager goals you made on January 1st. Well no matter where you are with those goals, whether you started off strong but fizzled (or crashed) or you’re still going strong…E for effort and give yourself a high five. The reality of goal making is that it’s hard without a plan. Was being healthier part of your goal this year, including your skincare or age management? I’d love to hear about it and discuss why it’s not too late.

My personal skincare goals and how I’m doing so far:

Because I’m a licensed skin therapist I kind of like to geek out on the topic of skincare. But to be honest I don’t have perfect, flawless skin. However, I do have healthy skin. What’s the difference?

Spoiler alert, so many images of people you see on videos and tv are filtered or covered with makeup or even disguised with injectables or permanent makeup. Now I am not against injectables or fillers, etc, but I simply want to point out that it’s not natural. The former examples would paint the picture of flawless-looking skin that is not always achievable for everyone. However, healthy skin is achievable for everyone. Simply by investing in a consistent routine with quality products and finding a professional skin therapist to coach you along the way.

How I’m meeting my goals:

My goal this year was to reduce breakouts and smooth my eye area. Because I’m 40 I have noticed a bit more fine lines around the corner of my eyes (I actually like to call them laugh lines to make myself feel better) as well as some under-eye puffiness. I think I can attribute the puffiness to being a fairly new mom and years of interrupted sleep patterns. Yes, skin and muscles and tissue can take a long time to re-adapt. So now that my kids are sleeping through the night and I’ve been dedicated to an eye product I have seen improvement. As mentioned, I wanted to reduce breakouts. In 2020 I felt like I was constantly breaking out. I already knew that adult acne and especially in women is very common, but I was still confused! I already had a consistent routine of cleansing every night and exfoliating with lactic acid and a salicylic acid enzyme. First I had to determine what were the triggers. I excersize on average 5 times a week so I also knew that detox could definitely be a contributing factor. I was also experiencing body acne. I eat fairly healthy at home with home cooked, balanced meals. I eliminated dairy and only have sweets on special occasions so I knew that couldn’t be a large factor. I decided I needed to switch products and adapt new techniques. 

I introduced glycolic acid as my daily wash which is an alpha hydroxy acid that helps to treat wrinkles, age spots and acne. I began microneedling and dermarolling treatments. Now, I can perform microneedling treatments on myself and to be honest consumers can as well. However, I highly discourage it. I am trained and certified in microneedling which means I understand the needle sizes and depth, the devices, the ingredients that can and should not be used, the contraindications and the aftercare. I have given myself 4 so far in 2022 in combination with dermarolling which is a great at-home treatment that stimulates cell renewal and infuses moisture-rich hyaluronic acid. Dermarolling should only be done at home with the right coaching. I’ve also given myself superficial chemical peels and began using a 5% retinol cream. The number 1 thing I am mindful of is wearing SPF and staying out of direct sunlight, otherwise all of this treatment work would be wasted with no visible or adverse results. I am happy to say that I am not breaking out like I was. Breakouts are inevitable, healthy skin can and will experience breakouts and blackheads from time to time. When it does happen I ice my skin, I use an antibacterial spot treatment with salicylic acid and I’ll even use high frequency as needed.

So enough about me. If you are (hopefully) feeling inspired then it’s time to assess your current skin conditions and follow these tips:

Top 5 tips to change your skincare routine and achieve goals now!

  1. Determine your skin “problems”. Look in the mirror – not a magnification one – and point out 1-2 realistic things you would like to improve upon. Then compliment 3-4 things you love about your face! It’s so important to understand nobody’s skin is perfect and being confident in your own skin is the best way to carry yourself – others will notice that! Write down those 1-2 concerns and today’s date.
  2. Make an appointment to see a credible, professional skin therapist. Do not jump on You Tube for solutions or Instagram to shop for products. Professional skin therapists understand ingredients and we will have a better judgment of what could help over a “skin influencer” or celebrity with zero education or credentials on the topic. I understand being a skincare junkie or supporting your favorite celebrity endorsed product line but honestly you’ll spend way more money than necessary.
  3. Take pictures of your current routine/products. Be prepared to share these with the skin therapist. Also, be prepared to completely change your routine with the products he/she recommends. Communicate with the therapist to be sure you are both on the same page. If they recommend 6 steps daily but you feel overwhelmed, say that! A good therapist will create a plan that works for you and your budget. 
  4. Make a skincare budget. Speaking of budget, skincare costs money. Look at your finances and create a category that allows for regular “self-improvement” or “self-care”. Understand that facials are not just 1 and done and products will need to be replenished. It doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive products out there, your skin therapist will help you find quality products at affordable prices.
  5. Be patient. Visible changes won’t occur overnight. It’s important that you understand this could be a slow and progressive journey. The key is consistency. Taking selfies every month will help to see changes. Treating acne can take as long as a year or as short as 4 months, everyone is different on how their body responds.

If you are seeking advice on your skin and would like to make improvements – please reach out to Amazing Face Spa. We offer in-person complimentary consultations if you live in the Phoenix area. We also offer virtual consultations that can be requested at www.vagaro.com/amazingfacespa.com

Best wishes for the rest of 2022 and Happy Self-Improvement Month!

article post written by Angela Miles. copyright Angela Miles – All Rights Reserved