11 Reasons Your Skin Is Dry

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December 20, 2022
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Has dry skin got you feeling itchy and tight? Dry skin can be a skin type; which means that this is a consistently normal and healthy way that your skin organ functions. Dry skin can also be a condition; which means your skin doesn’t typically behave on that level and this can be corrected. Untreated however, can impact your skin health negatively; it can accelerate aging, it can compromise your skin barrier, and this makes it more difficult to course correct. Personally, I am a dry skin type, I always have been and therefore I manage my routine to balance my dry skin. When everything is working as it should because I am eating healthy, I am drinking plenty of water and I am taking care of my skin consistently; my skin feels and looks well hydrated and balanced. When I have fallen off any of the above mentioned or perhaps I became sick or changed diets and I am detoxing, my skin can feel more dry or even have breakouts. A breakout doesn’t mean that I now have oily skin. Skin types and conditions can change for people throughout our lives so it’s not uncommon to go through several skin changes. Since it has been cold here in Arizona and most places, I wanted to focus on dry skin. Here are 11reasons why you may be experiencing dry skin and not getting relief:

1. You don’t wash your face

Washing your skin is the beginning of it all. It’s a non-negotiable. Now how often or with what is the nitty gritty. If you’re not washing your face at night before bed, your skin is dirty and dry. Let me break this down further. Some people tell me they wash only in the a.m. That is not wrong, but it’s also not entirely right. Our skin needs to be thoroughly washed daily before resting for the night. I call it ‘removing the day”. Our skin accumulates dirt, pollution, and free radicals throughout the day. Cleaning to remove that plus makeup and SPF is important in preventing dry skin, breakouts and more. So washing in the a.m. is ok but washing at p.m. is a must!

2. You’re not using a hydrating toner

Hydrating toners are a fun, supplemental way to add extra hydration and freshness to your skin. The key is they should be non-alcohol, and without fragrance. Toners are not perfume. Some toners contain active ingredients such as salicylic acid to remove impurities. I prefer to use toners with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other humectants like cucumber or rosewater. I also prefer a spray or mist over needing to apply with a cotton round.

3. You’re not exfoliating

I have been known to over-exfoliate my skin. I love exfoliating. However, not exfoliating at all, too much or not often enough is key in balancing the skin. Once a week is typically optimal with a gentle aha’s or bha’s. Enzymes are another great ingredient that can be used a couple of times per week to help with desquamation or the shedding of dead skin. If you are experiencing drier than usual skin and have not been exfoliating, try a gentle exfoliating product over something stronger. Likewise if you are dry and have been exfoliating often, try cutting back on the active ingredients. When in doubt, see professional advice by scheduling a facial.

4. You’re not using a moisturizer a.m. and p.m. or you’re not using the correct moisturizers

All moisturizers are not created equally. But neither are cleansers, toners, serums or any skincare products. That is why skincare can be overwhelming. If you don’t do anything for your skin, do 2 things: cleanse and moisturize. Ok, do 3, wear SPF as well! Using a moisturizer morning and evening is so important in keeping your skin hydrated and balanced. However, the right moisturizer for specific skin types is also part of the puzzle. Yikes, how do we keep it all straight? When you’re not sure which moisturizers your skin needs, seek professional advice. No, I didn’t say get on Amazon.

5. Your barrier is comprised

Your skin is soaking up the moisturizer that was recommend to you, you drink a ton of water, yet your skin is still dry!? Well perhaps your skin barrier is comprised. Whoa, what does that mean? The skin can have a loss of moisture, be susceptible to environmental aggressors, develop rashes, breakouts, rosacea and more. That explains why your skin is dry, so treating the condition first is step one.

6. You’re not masking

Face masking is not only fun but also beneficial. Masks come in a variety of forms and ingredients for specific skin types. Once a week masking can give you the extra hydration your skin is seeking. Make one day a week your “self-care” day, take a bubble bath and wear a mask.

7. You’re not treating your eyes and lips

Don’t ignore the skin around your eyes or your entire lips. They need hydration and nourishment too. The delicate skin around the eyes can show the earliest signs of aging, keeping that area hydrated will in turn keep the skin firm and smooth. Same for the lips. So find a peptide based eye cream and a hydrating lip balm and treat those areas daily.

8. You’re taking hot showers

As good as a hot shower can feel, hot water can wreak havoc on your skin. Constant hot water can strip your skin of its natural lipids as well as create compromised skin, see above. Keep the water warm to avoid dry skin.

9. You just traveled or flew on a plane

Different climates can alter your skin temporarily. I live in a dry climate and when I travel to the beach the humidity is amazing for my skin and then when I return my skin needs to readjust. Because planes have low air pressure, that results in dehydration. Dehydrated skin can lead to dry skin. Correcting dry skin from traveling is easy peazy, simply keep your ingredients gentle and find some hyaluronic acid serum to return to balanced skin.

10. You’re not using any serums

My favorite product in skincare. I like to say that serums are the muscles of skincare. They target specific skin concerns and are results-driven. They are fabulous! Here is where it gets tricky…finding serums that are again right for your skin, quality serums at reasonable prices and knowing how often to use them and what ingredients can be mixed. Both high quality hyaluronic acid and beta glucan are amazing humectants to look for when treating dry skin.

11. You’re using a tanning bed

Hopefully this isn’t the reason you have dry skin. But if you are consistently using tanning beds, the effects are not only harming your skin on a cellular level and killing DNA, but its drying your skin. It’s ridding your skin of its natural lipids, those oils that we need to protect our skin. This in turn creates a dull, leathery and wrinkled appearance leaving you feeling tight and itchy and now a compromised skin barrier. The same effects come from direct, unprotected sun exposure.

Remember to set up quarterly or seasonal facials at the very minimum to help your skin adjust to changing weather and conditions. Finding a skin therapist with your skins best interest at hand is always key. If you are in the Phoenix area in search of that skin therapist, look no further, call Amazing Face Spa where Angela and Nella care for all skin.

article post written by Angela Miles. copyright Angela Miles – All Rights Reserved